Results of the day
1Ralf Ewers35.34
2Jürgen Thau34.37
3Patrick Miller33.1
4Colin Stutzke32.24
5Joachim König32.12
6Bernd Stutzke30.8
7Alexander Bauer28.73
8Klaus Lepies23.93

Erste mal mit der Missile, leider zu wenig Wind....

Too late for the choosen gear.

Very nice day of surfing. 3hours of good wind, good fun. Speeds are not really high, would be really nice to have 5knots more wind and the same set!

Interesingly my Max on the watch was 36,03knots while the 2sec. is 34,73knots and not too far away from the 10sec. Very strange.....

Very well done Ralf, super efficient in using the short gusts!

Changed between the FeineFinnen Bastard and Bitch (both in 32cm). Speeds are not so different in conditions like today, but the characteristics are. The Bitch is a 100% Slalomfin, very consistent and fast on a given course. The characteristic of the Bastard is more speed orientated, in particular changing from upwind to crosswind to downwind to accelerate is a bit more easy to handle.

Windcraft-Sports / Starboard / Severne / FeineFinnen


Ich kam leider etwas zu spät, war dann eher lockeres fahren, hat trotzdem viel Spaß gemacht.

Sehr böig und regnerisch heute

The gusts were to small for a better average. Nice to meet all the speeders from the north and the west. Congratulation Jürgen for your Binnensee PR!

War ein schöner Tag mit den üblichen Verdächtigen !!! Der 54er ist zur Zeit mein Größtes Board! Aber endlich auch nee Binnenwertung.