Results of the day
1Gunnar Asmussen51.68
2Andy Laufer50.96
3Twan Verseput 50.79
4Hans Kreisel50
5Vincent Valkenaers49.16
6Jacques van der Hout48.97

Today the wind was just a little to broad in my opinion, specially in the beginning. I just waited until the first guys would go over 50 knots and after that i rigged my sail and only started around 15.50 pm. I hoped for the best conditions around 16 or 17 pm but the wind was getting less and less. 

Did just some runs in easy conditions to get used to the canal and my equipment. Strange enough my 5x10 seconds average was the same as yesterday. I hope with the forecast for next week i can not only focus on getting finally the 50 knots over 500 meter but also a 5x10 seconds average of at least 50 knots. The guys that started early had a much better average then me today, specially the 2 german guns. They sailed really well today and went on and on like duracell batteries.

Bit lighter today but some nice runs. Asy boom from another brand broke at 95km/h ending up with a big crash.

only made a few runs and had to do some fixing because luckely i didn't miss to much


not finding the right gusts  and gps mised my first run bicouse i forget to put my gps on my arm haha :p good training