Results of the day
1Mark Newman33.4
2Lee Spencer29.82
3Paul Arnold29.24
4Simon chippington 27.21
5Garry Goodwin27.13
6Chris Cleland25.19

People everywhere, and wind couldn't make it's mind up

wind and sunshine

Jp slalom 82/7.8/42 Slm & 40 Slm

42 Slm Max 35.6k, 2sec 35.2k 5 x 10s av. 32.62k (33.6;33.16;32.38;32.06;31.93) 

Safer with 40 Slm!

13.15 - JP Slalom 71/7.8/38 Slm.

Crazy busy!


Great slalom event at weymouth.

finished the season 4th overall .happy with that BUT must push harder in 2019 season

best season finish for me