Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout45.37
2Vincent Valkenaers43.56
3Hans Kreisel43.25

Same wind forecast as yesterday, they opened the canal but we didn't believe in, we went to Diaz Point to have some fun. Yesterday the JP Speed 54/ Z-fins 29cm and Evo X 6,4 was to big for me to really go fast, so today i took the JP Speed 40 with Z Fins 20 Assy Port (thanks Hans) and the EvoXI 5,4. This was a much better choice. Needed one more good run to get a better average but the wind died a bit. I improved the max speed for this spot to 49 knots and also sailed the spot record for Diaz point sailed by Hennie Bredenkamp in 2009. Next days more wind so we will sail again in the canal instead of trying to break this spot record again. 

Tried some different setting on the 6,4 but that didn't work out as planned 4cm extention and less and more outhaul so changed it back again to the settings of yesterday 6cm extension and 24 outhaul and it felt a lot better acceleration on the big gear is insane. Then the wind died again and we decided to stop and don't waist to much energy. Because it looks like the canal is getting some wind rest of the week. Also went to the doctor today to find out why i feel i'll and it is probably a allergie so i got some meds now and hopefully  feel better tomorrow and not 

nice warming up session