Results of the day
1Gunnar Asmussen52.28
2Hans Kreisel51.84
3Vincent Valkenaers50.71
4Jim Crossley49.97
5Jacques van der Hout49
6Oisin van Gelderen47.37
7Miriam Rasmussen36.04

Super pleased to get these PB's.  1.5 knots faster than before, although there was more wind, it shows some of the changes I am making are working. 

Not a good day, so lets forget it quickly. I think i know now which settings and which moment of the day i have to choose tomorrow.

Suddenly the wind kicked in and my 5,4 was a bit big. Tomorrow i hope we have the same wind and i can be faster with a smaller sail, the 5,2. 

Hans did a 500 meter above 52 knots, respect for him. Also for Gunnar who is fast and very consistent.

Unexpected good day at the canal so stoked to see 52,5 over 500 on my GPS hopefully it is faster then Patriks 500m on gps it sure is! Tomorrow we get better winds still lots of room for improvement. i'm only it bit worried if my back will hold something popped when i picked up my sail just before my fastest run. So have to be careful also didn't waist any more time to make more runs then 5 just for the gps. Thanks Gunnar for the diclofenac it is pumping in my system big time. need to be ready for the real winds ;)

Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2018

PBs all round! and my very first time over 50 peak :)

More to come :)

Not sure if I did this on Ben Proffitts Simmer 40, or Farrels Moo 38.5, but both are very gratefully recieved, and both are fast. Thank you gentlemen!

I'm starting to get into the Channel now...

hope for more wind tomorrow