Results of the day
1Shaun Cook36.25
2Simon Chippington 32.96
3Maciej Bukolt31.51



well undercooked my board choice and sail today as the wind didnt turn up until the Ray was getting covered by the tide, ian and a few other speedies gave up long before us. spent most of the sesh waiting for the wind.

when the wind decided to pick up was a great learning 'early plannig'


Big thanks to whitey for lending me a 5.2 and 5.7 until my new sails turn up, guess thats another cuppa i o u .

next time we get here we'll only rigg the small kit if we can hardly walk into the wind !!!!!!!

Wind never turned up, slighlty wrong direction. a long day and didnt really get anytihng at the end of the day. hopefully the next time will be better.