Results of the day
1Brian Rogild36.8
2Nils Bach36.6
3Carsten Hanke33.47

water level 490cm; wind direction: 310°

water level was to high, the creek didn't really get uncovered. just did 5 runs to get a session. wind was strong, could have been good...

nice to see some guys from Holland and Denmark here, too bad you got a bad day, hope to see you back with better conditions ;)


#1 2019

Happy New Year - good company, strong wind, perfect angle, rainbows, :-) .....................................

9 h drive, water level too high, mega choppy, only 2 crazy runs!


Tide to High, wind was really good, just to much water for the channel to come free. Did a few runs in the middle, did not dare to go close. Did see Carsten go much closer and tried it next run and hit,  lucky no big crash just a nice ding in the fin:-) So went in after that. Thanks to Nils for spot info.