Results of the day
1Ian Richards42.29
2Will Trossell41.69

I was starting to forget what speedsailing is but what a day remind me how good it is! Definitely not a PB day as the wind was quite square and relatively light to start with so I put in a few nautical miles. The wind started to picking up and even with the square angle we got some decent 10 seconds. Naturally Ian caught a gust on the last run for fasest speed of the day. Great sailing with him again and we had the place to ourselves. Super low tide at one point which wasnt forecast - not seen that before so we spent 20 mins marking out underwater obstacles....a bit distrubing and makes you realise its not worth sailing below knee deep. Aching now but happy :-)

Early doors meet with Will, wind was SSW again so not the fastest but we had the whole place to ourselves so nice chilled session

Predictably by the time the wind kicked in we were both knackered and had to call it a day. Great sailing with Will just like old times .... :-)