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1Stephen Squirrell22.77

 Saturday 16th March – windsurf * Levington – cloudy.


F2 Ride 282 with Tushingham X 15 – 5.8 and 36 cm fin.


27.85 knot max, 22.76 knot ave ., 5.27 knot hour, 16.92  knot mile, 9.70 km., 0.00 knot alpha.


It looked like the last really windy day so I was keen to get out but with Southend the only real option and after a hard day on the water yesterday I couldn’t face the long drive and walk so headed again for Levington even though I was going at low water. I went fairly early hoping to get back in plenty of time for the Rugby. I was hoping for a SW which is dead on but it was WSW which made it harder to sail parallel to the shore. I had to talk myself into going out with mud to walk through to get to the river but it did look fairly smooth and I nearly rigged 6.5 and was glad in the end I didn’t!!! So, I rigged as yesterday and had to walk nearly to the chandlery to find someone to zip me into my suit and I am Billy no mates yet again. It was only 50m to walk to the water and the mud was fairly firm but when I sailed out onto the river it was all but unsailable, wind gusting to nearly 40knots while sailing straight into a messy short chop. I had a few runs before decided it was safer to call it a day and headed back to the van. I washed the mud with a marina tap and headed home.