Results of the day
1Peter de Wit35.98
2Raymond Wortel35.8
3Marcel Braas33.83
4Wouter van Hilst32.9

Bit of a gamble for me, quite busy at work and didn't know if my conference calls ended quick enough.

Arrived and noticed a lot of 7.0 sails, quickly rigged and hit the water even before the people who arrived earlier

On the water the wind was not strong, could do runs around 64kmh/34kts.

Tried the small channel, that was even worse.

After a hour the wind picked up a bit and direction changed a bit during the gusts, tried the small channel and speeds went up to 65kmh/35kts.

Could a couple of nice gusts, but the very last one was the winner!

10sec and 500m in one big smile

Very sunny and warm!

vandaag weer met de 7.1 race productie 2019, prachtig weer, helaas iets tegenvallende wind, maar het was evengoed een fantastische dag, Raymond gaat als een raket met zijn nieuwe setje !!

A quiky in my Lunch break...too nice to eat lunch properly ??

Het Kuitje was als een paradijs vandaag. Prachtig weer. Leuk windje. Gezelligheid... alleen kreeg ik er geen snelheid in. M'n trim was niet goed. Maar die dagen horen erbij.