Results of the day
1Patrick Van Hoof32.11
2Jacques Pellen31.08
3Tim Aerts29.57
4Patrick de schutter29.07
5Koen Cooman24.83
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thanks Pat en Tania

het was tof met friends , maar meer kreeg ik er niet uit vandaag . Set vraagt finetuning , en de rider ook ;-)

amazing, started with low wind and at a certain moment we had 20knots.

i wanted to check how fast you can go with this combo in the chop.    I was realy suprized of the speed, a top speed of 64,9 and a 500m of 59,7km/h, not behind a wall or beach, just sailing in the middle of the lake.    Big respect for my mate Jacques Pellen with the same combo, only with the Warp 7,7.     Also he sailed amazing with it.    


Met de Falcon140 x 85 en de Duotone 7.7  . En de Sonntag SL Pro . Ging goed vaart echt lekker tevede mee . Was weer gezellig met de Belg vrienden .