Results of the day
1Andy Laufer40.21
2Dennis Klaaijsen37.88
3Andrea Cucchi37.49
4Dennis De Pauw36.48
5Thomas van den Heuvel36.07
6Hugo Hekkenberg36.02
7Henning ter Horst34.29
8Arnold Agema32.1
9Edgar Berger31.81
10Brice Boulay30.82
11Sem Stroosma 30.07
12Guillaume Montjotin29.78
13Ted de Pagter29.31
14Marco Lambers29.19
15Dean Hutchinson29.13
16Paul Van De Perre29.08
17Dean Hutchinson28.45
18Joris Buijs28.4
19Hessel Faber27.77
20Thomas Regler27.67
21Thomas Regler27.67
22Steve Thompson27.39
23Markus Poschmann26.06
24Solomondos Caroline25.78
25Steve Thompson25.25
26Joris Buijs24.69
27Hessel Faber24.68
28Henryk Åkesson24.67
29Maron Rietveld24.25
30Garry Goodwin23.72
31Maron Rietveld11.15
32Sem Stroosma 6
33Dean Hutchinson5.81


Potverdikkie wat een lekker dagje weer hier op Defi met iedereen.

Defi Day 4, Event starts tomorrow

Gevaren met Rhino 31 van Dennis.

Weer een postieve ervaring meer vandaag.

Funrace Defiwind incl. training and some speedruns. Super fun and feeling super fast on the slalom board. 5.6 was too big on the beginning. After the race it was ok. Could have been more for the slingshots.

Topdagje weer. Mooie runs gemaakt met de mannen. later nam de wind weer toe tot orkaankracht en hebben we een korte pauze ingelast.

Helaas heeft de GW60 niet alles gelogd, ik mis 17 km

What an amazing dag again.

Place to myself till lunch time.

One training heat in the afternoon organized by the Defi crew in proper Defi wind conditions.

Fully stacked on 5.2 at pin end, finishing around 15th place I guess (no official ranking).

Top dag voor de start van Defi

Wrong choirse for gear.. 5.2 was ok, but fin too small. no control at all.

in the end a few runs, but still nice to do the defi start run (test)

exiting to start with several hundreds of people.. cant wait untill tomorrow.


Gusty tramontana, definitely stronger then forecasted in windfinder.

Journée avant le Défi...

defi wind 

defi wind 

Another Tramontana day. Tomorrow defi is coming.