Results of the day
1Stephen Squirrell22.9

 Thursday 6th June – windsurf **** The Manor, Felixstowe – sunny periods and warm


F2 Xantos 310 with 44 cm fin and Tushingham Lightning 8.5.


Fin – 24.45 knot max., 22.90 knot ave., 16.31 knot hour, 22.05 knot mile, 46.90 km., 15.70 knot alpha.


The wind just keeps on blowing:) now on 9 sessions in 14 days with even stronger wind for the next two days! Again, the wind started westerly which is offshore at Felixstowe so nice start with exercises in the garden then breakfast with one eye on Landguard weather station and the webcam. With the wind turning more SW and increasing and after a message from Andy Mexome on WhatsApp saying he was heading to The Manor, so I hitched the trailer heading down with Mag going via the dump to skip my latest old yellow board to bit the dust, lucky for me I had a replacement in the garage:) Again with no wind gauge it would not have given me a good reading with the wind very slightly off but there was white water everywhere so it was definitely breezy enough. So after saying goodbye to Mag who walked home along the prom I rigged as the last two session my big freeride kit and suited up by which time the wind had turned even more off and dropped:( Andy then arrived and after setting up his recently found GT-31 (gps) he rigged his 8.2 for his Goya 125lt. Then the breeze returned so I took a chance and headed out, again going for my usual 8 runs a mile and a half out towards the Wadgate post. I took a few runs to beat up to the post, I was going approx. 17 knots out but could maintain 20 knots + on the way back but sadly the sea was too lumpy to go fast but great fun being out in the sunshine. With the wind swinging SSW I did a two-mile run but the wind was easing so I headed back for a drink and snack. The wind was now in an even better direction for here and you could reach up the coast and it would have been mega but the tide had turned meaning wind with tide and dropping so after one more run, we decided to call it a day. After a nice catch up on the beach we de-rigged but it was sods law that the wind picked up pushing 20 kts but it was too late to go out again and will save myself as Saturday is looking particularly good for an early morning session at Southend or an after session at Point Clear – decisions decisions??? I will never get my new foil wet at this rate as we are not getting 10 knots at the moment:) Then home for a next hour or so in the sunny back garden with Mag, reading with a cuppa and scone – Happy Days:)


PS – my hour times have increased day by day – 15.22, 15.86 and today 16.31:)