Results of the day
1Rudie van der Weij26.86

After waiting for wind on the 'Le Saline" beach in the north of the Sant'Antioco peninsula, we decided to go back to SaBarra and the lagune at 17:00. When we arrived the full italian national slalom team was present and had been sailing on 7.0 and 7.8 all day. DOOOOOHHHHH!!! That is what the wind effect in the Lagune can be like. 20 knots in SaBarra and no wind 8km away.

So me and Yenny went on the water, because it looked like the wind was still there. I Chose 9.0 and yenny chose 6.8. 9.0 was pretty powered up and I think this is the PR for the sail. We had a good hour or two of sailing untill around 20:30 and still in swimtrousers. We love SABARRA!!!!