Results of the day
1Gabriele Santoni29.42
2John Skye26.67
3Michael Smits24.61
4Luca Cipani22.79
5Luca Cipani20.68

Underpowered... itt de voorspelling was er weinig wind.....

My best race of the weekend I think. Found the best set up and the best trim and felt more competitve in this race. I think I finsihed 8th which was my best result, but unfortunately the One Hour ONLY counts the fastest race, which was actually Saturdays race, so that is the one that counts, which unfortunately was actually my worst result. 

Speeds in this race were not so high as the wind was shifting so much and it seemed like it was ALWAYS upwind. The other days there was always 1 direction more upwind and 1 direction more downwind, but this race just felt like it was upwind in both directions!!