Results of the day
1Eric Groot-van Ederen39.77
2Eric Groot-van Ederen39.76
3Johan Huitema38.84
4Tomislav Jaklin32.69
5Tomislav Jaklin31.27

Sessie 36: Het liep niet echt soepel maar toch een mooi resultaat..! Samen met Eric slalommend tussen de feestylers.., niet echt mijn ding... Toch weer een mooie zomersessie..! Congrats Eric met je super run!

Good day with good company on the water; Johan :)

Waited till it wasn't that crowded anymore, should have waited some more. Started with the 28 S2 black Diamond fin wich snapped at the end of a run, lucky I didn't hurt myself. 

Back on the water with the FINISH 30 FAST runs got faster quickly. Direction was very broad and choppy at the end of the run so I opted on starting most runs early in a wide arc. Resulterd in a good 500 meters to. 

My gear worked great, Falcon 89 and finish is a great conmbo!

Repost for Odyssey of speed with right gps through GPS speedsurfing site instead of GPSAR.