Results of the day
1Eric Groot-van Ederen38.44
2Johan Huitema37.2
3Anders Bjorkqvist36.86
4Tomislav Jaklin33.61
5Tomislav Jaklin32.5
6Timo Kelo21.94

Early bird session with Johan.
7.20 on the water, all for ourselves :), until Tomislav joined us and at 9.30 the first freeriders showed up. 
Not the best winds and no chance of improving foor the Odyssey of speed but still worth getting up at 6.15 . 


Session 39: Early bird catches the worm; samen met Eric de blauwe zee in de ochtend bevaren. Wind was al wat sterker, maar de echte vlagen kon ik niet te pakken krijgen..! Karpathos rules...!

Afternoon run

Early morning run with Eric and Johan, fun training.

Sailing Paradise Bay (Devils Bay)

with a Fanatic Freewave STB 85 and a Duotone Supersession 4,4

cant seem to get the gear listed the right way in GPS Speedsurfing

or maybe its my shitty computer...

anyway had a great time...!!!

Went out at 10.30 with CA SL99 and RB 7.0 sail. Most runs are with taht kit. But the top speed with 6.3 and JP 55. best wind around 1.00 PM and then a very nice lunch and met Sokrates and his brother at Barbaminas Taberna, the garlic bread and carbonada is the best in the world! 

Also met Johan, Elke on the beach and Chris on the water!!!

Really Karpathos is hard palce to perform, the wind needs to come to you, not just come here and sail. But still I love this place!