Results of the day
1Basile Wilhelem41.16
2Jean-marc Degrelle40.58
3Damien Nico39.85
4Laurent Paya39.44
5David Van der Veken38.04
6Arnold Agema37.83
7Anthony Rebours37.75
8Laurent Fesquet37.49

blijf een beetje op de 70 hangen. morgen nog maar eens proberen

not a good session for me... really hard to score


nice one hour at the end of the day ! 


Same set as the day before but less constant so speeds where less too. Nevertheless great day to get used to the gear and get that confidence back for real speed days. It has been clear that I have to less miles on the water because after 35 km my both pinks are opened up with blairs.. I had a good time and will be back for more..