Results of the day
1Jan Sundin32.91
2Fredrik Ygge32.06
Shitbay var ok men för korta repor.

Really nice day and some new PBs. Surfed for over 4h and totally exhausted myself. Was not feeling well in the evening, and every muscle hurts today. 

After the first few runs I was a fraction of a knot ahead of Speedjanne. This provoced him enough to immediately do a number of 35 and 36 knot runs. He is in another division.

Good angle for Shitbay. The longest runs I have experienced there.

Started with a F1 30cm, and changed to 26cm after a while. Made some 1.5 knots directly.

Tried Knarrholmen but not the right angle, too much south. Really rough and exhausting ride getting there and back.