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1Stephen Squirrell26.49

Thursday 15th – Windsurf ***** - River Stour – Bradfield – sunny periods.


Fin – 29.43 knot max., 26.48 knot ave., 15.10 knot hour, 20.94 knot mile, 60.10 km., 17.21 knot alpha.


F2 282 Ride with Tushingham X-15 7m and 36 fin.


After a few fantastic days away in our campervan while our son Rob, partner Hannah and the wonderful Grandson Arlo camped next to use we returned home yesterday as Suffolk was hit with heavy rain:( Neil Hurrell messaged on WhatsApp to say he was going to Bradfield on the River Stour to make the most of a moderate WNW breeze with a good high water around 1 o clock. Even though I had picked up Arlo’s cold, I manned up, hitched the trailer while Mag packed the breakfast and lunch. We always enjoy the 25-mile trip to Bradfield and were the first to arrive at 9.30 with enough water to sail but with the wind cross off from the left it was a job to decide what gear to use? So, while Mag made so yummy porridge for breakfast I set-up my F2 Ride and with white water now on the far side of the river I took a chance with my 4 cammed Tushingham X-15 7m which can take a huge amount of wind! Neil Hurrell and Michael Galbreath arrived as I had my breakfast the wind appeared to drop but it is always gusty here so you really need to sail big then sail broad or beat, is there any other angle to sail??? Shortie on I was first away and the advantage over a foil here is you don’t have to walk so far out to find water deep enough to sail:) I soon hit the wind line but was a fraction under to start with, still planing but could have done with stronger gusts. I decided to make the most of the gusts by going off broad whenever they hit and soon ended up in Holbrook Bay past Wrabness. There were some smooth swells, with a lumpy section in the channel and flattish water to gybe on both sides of the river, the only gybes I dropped all session was when the wind went a bit light when I had to turn! I wanted to get back to Bradfield before the tide turned so started the beat back which was when we had the best wind, easily gusting to 25 knots and only missing out on 30 knots by a whisker but so much fun bearing off down the swells! We had been joined by local sailor James who looked a little under perhaps he had rigged his 5.7? The wind was going a little patchy again and you had to turn away from the beach on both sides at this end of the river! So after two hour out non-stop I headed in for lunch with Mag with Mark Smalling now here to watch and well as a local drone pilot here to take some windsurfing action:) After lunch I went out for a few more runs but it was pretty up and down now and with the tide turned it was time to call it a day. So my 8th session of the month covering 37 miles with a top speed of over 29 knots on the beautiful River Stour, 5 stars for me:) It’s looking windy for a few days now, with rain tomorrow I might save myself for a trip to Point Clear on Saturday with my son Rob who kitesurfs:) I am actually not the last to pack off and leave this time as we head to Ipswich for some shopping stopping off at Westwood Sails and Covers in Brantham to pick up my repaired Lightning 7m but sadly they were closed!