Results of the day
1Simon Chippington 23.56
2Peter Cutts23.2
3Stephen Squirrell22.91

Nice day a Point clear - great to see all the Felixtowe boys there 

its not often we get a dud at pointerx but today was it , i turned yp late n missed most of the wind.!

on large slalom kit light wind pumping gybe graining.

lots of friends there for the forecast that didnt come through.

loverly chat n cuppa with Bruce after.


Saturday 17th August– Windsurf *** - Point Clear – sunny periods.


Fin – 26.70 knot max., 22.90 knot ave., 10.82 knot hour, 20.84 knot mile, 30.40 km., 14.38 knot alpha.


F2 Zantos 295 with 39 fin and Tushingham Lightning 7.8m.


With son Rob partner Hannah and the lovely Grandson Arlo returning back to Felixstowe after camping in Rendlesham Forest I was really looking forward to taking them to my favourite local windsurfing venue, Point Clear just across the border in Essex. With sunny periods and a WSW 20 knots forecast with a good high tide around two it sounded perfect and loads of Felixstowe sailors were also making the trip:) It’s not easy getting a young family up and ready to hopefully arrive on The Green by 11 but Arlo woke at a good time and we made it in good time at 11.15 as Neil Hurrell was about to set off the beach with 7.5. After some introductions to Linda and Craig Hurrell, Mark Smalling and Michael Galbraith we set about working out what kit to set up. I explained to Rob where it go and with a good onshore wind he took his 9m kite and with the help from Hannah set it up on the green, she was a bit nervous after learning that very sadly a kitesurfer had died here and another had serious injuries but assured her that this was very rare and that Rob would be fine despite only having kited once in the last four years at Felixstowe last Sunday and he did very well:) With Mag, Linda and Arlo in our little campervan, he just loves the camper and hopefully Rob and Hannah will get one soon, I went about sorting my gear out. Feeling confident that we were in for a good breezy day I first rigged my 7.8 for the 133 lt. F2 Zantos and also the 7m for my 115 lt. F2 Ride. I help Rob up with his kite, the only kitesurfer here all day then he drops it so Hannah can catch it and then launch him which gives her more confidence. He safely gets over the small sea wall and heads towards the lagoon but soon realises he is way under powered so comes back to switch to his 13m. With the wind looking patchy I take out my big kit and after one run across the super flat lagoon but sadly it is no where near windy enough to sail there so head out to join Neil and Craig out to sea. It took me a couple of runs to clear the shingle spit and getting upwind was a struggle as the wind was light and gusty at best:( I managed to plan over to Brightlingsea tower but ran out of wind, feel in and the tide was taking me up the creek, luckily I managed to water start and just clear the far shore. I made it slowly a good distance towards Jaywick putting up a large flock of Dunlins and Rob looked like he was going OK in the Lagoon with his bigger kite. I then had an OK run to Brightlingsea in very choppy sea and decided to carry on up the River Colne to see if it was any windier behind Mersea Island? I managed to sail very close to the shore past a huge flock of Oyster Catchers and with the wind increasing I got my best speed of the day in flat water as the river bends to the right as it heads to Wivenhoe. I landed on a small beach past the army ranges with it’s red flag flying which means live firing in progress! I took a few pics before setting off again past the bird hides where there were some birdwatchers so I keep clear of them as I had a few more runs beating up to the really flat water but sadly the wind didn’t really play ball. I love it up there on the River Colne where you have 2.50 miles of great sailing and it is little used as windsurfers are nervous of sailing past East Mersea where the wind is patchy but it is well worth the trip and in a blow will be pretty fast at high water too, it is also a fantastic foiling area and will give it a go if I ever get the hang of it!!! With the wind not getting any better I decided to return to PC and managed to plan most of the way. It went light again as I approached the Green and there were loads of wobbling windsurfers so headed back to the van to catch up with the family in the hope that the wind would turn up! Mag and Arlo were having a great time in the van, Hannah could even have a few minutes to read her book but Rob had had a bad time as in very patchy winds had ended up in the bottom corner of the lagoon and had done a lot of walking in the mud, sadly that happens a lot to PC first timers getting stuck in the mud, even Mark Smalling got his new Red Severne  Fox covered in mud! I had lunch, enjoyed Arlo, had a nice chat with speed buddy Peter Cutts as the wind teased but failed to deliver, I should have rigged my 8.5 for my Zantos 310 instead of the small Ride! Still a lovely day to be by the sea, 5 Star company but only 1 Star wind so 3 Star windsurf for me! Rob is keen on trying to kite here another time as it is a great spot when the wind plays ball, I had several sessions like this last year but this year had been better until today!