Results of the day
1Floris Wondergem31.08
2Jeroen Steenaard30.98
3Marco van Boven30.36

begonnen met 10-15 knopen underpowerd 7.7. wachten tot dat de piek kwam en toen kwam hij ineens... vollebak met 7,7 vlagen dik over de 20 knopen volgens mij heb ik 4 van mijn runs toen gezet en later nog 1 met 6,3. 6,3/89 was net iets te klein. als ik nog eens goed gepowered sta met dat setje verwacht ik hoge snelheden.... zeer tevreden met mijn "nieuw" falcon 89.

A bit unfortunate session. Arrived at end of the afternoon for the predicted increase of wind. Rigged the 7.8 and got hit by massive gusts on the first reach out. Changed to 6.4 after which the wind died out quite soon. Not able anymore to set some proper runs. However the 6.4 planed quite well in these light conditions.

Started with 7.8 very low wind, had hoped to test 7.8 manta 71 combi more but expect increase in wind kicked in much stronger than expected. Switched to manta 61 6.4, really a great combi. Was good for only max one hour unfortunately....But within that hour some nice racing with Jeroen and Floris...