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1Stephen Squirrell16.83

Saturday 19th October – Windsurf **** - River Orwell - Levington – sunny periods.


Starboard Formula and Slingshot Hover Glide F/Wind with Tushingham Lightning 7.8.


Foil – 18.52 knot max., 16.83 knot ave., 7.29 knot hour, 11.45 knot mile, 20.90 km., 9.99 knot alpha.


After yesterdays full on fin session I was keen to get out on the foil today especially with a week of light winds coming. So, after watching England well beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup – top game and next week against New Zealand will be interesting, I decide to check Levington as SW to WSW is a good direction for the Orwell and arriving at the marina at 11.45 with not a great deal of wind but nice and sunny. A fin sailor arrived, Richard I think and the wind started to gust through so I set up my foil board, sail choice was harder for a novice like me as I like using smaller sails if I can but it didn’t look windy enough for my favourite 7m. I went for 7.8 in the end and hoped it would be enough? Foiler Jamie arrived and went for 6.9 so I was in with a chance! As I headed out first and was soon flying, in after a quick dip in the drink I had a nice session while the wind was up. I had some nice long runs from the bay towards Levington flying if the breeze held. I was trying to hook in and get both feet in the straps today and had a few runs like this, it worked OK especially when the wind was at its strongest! There were some big gusts approaching 20 knots which made it interesting but then again just don’t sheet in. I can do downwind OK so was concentrating on heading upwind where you defiantly need to sheet in to hold the power in the sail. Lightweight Jamie was flying probably a little longer as he could sail through the lulls better than me. The wind turned slightly more west at high water and eased so it was time to call it a day, an enjoyable couple of hours – I am finding foiling much more fun especially as I am not falling in as much, I even tried to gybe a couple of times and although I didn’t fly around, at least I didn’t fall in!