Results of the day
1Andy Laufer51.36
2Jim Crossley50.15
3Oisin van Gelderen48.5
4Heidi Ulrich45.48
5Mick Born43.78

Small PBs today on shorter distaces. Pleasing as much less wind today. Sorted some of the technical issues I had yesterday inc less downhaul and more lead...lower boom shorter lines.

Just cant get the 500m 50 on the course.  I will come as getting faster all the time.  I will come!

Frustratingly 51.5 250m was nearer the start of the course but lost the speed after drifting a little.  Need to edit myfastest  runs together

Super smooth day with 5.6 and my 38 JP custom board. Winning the daily ranking and hitting my pb record on 500 up to 51.60 kn in the video timing. Just 0.2 under the Germany Record. Tomorrow :)

Perfect wind strenght for me today. Thanks to all the lovely, sharing people here I´m starting to get a hang of it. This canal-thing is really a totally new sport for me - and I love it!

(Max on GPS: 46.08)

After a slow start, tough enough day and feeling well bruised and battered. 
Was getting into it but got stuck on same speed till Vincent checked the settings on my sail, straight away over a knot faster tnhansk to 1/2cm more downhaul.
Then smashed jaw into boom at finish, nothing broken I think. Followed by next run getting guilotined by Andy Laufer at the start from stray equipment. 
Tomorrow is another day.... more to do

nice canal day