Results of the day
1Chris Lockwood40.49
2Jacques van der Hout39.43
3Magnus Bengtsson39.32
4Philip Adamidis38.57
5Patrick Van Hoof38.42
6Hans Kreisel38.08
7Patrick Van Hoof37.95
8Panagiotis Drakopoulos37.76
9Minos Efstathiadis37.68
10Nick Vardalachos37.68
11Principe Baldini37.04
12Koen Onderbeke35.98
13Anders Bjorkqvist35.73
14Vangelis Avramidis35.3
15Dieter Gerichhausen35.19
16Tim Otte35
17Dieter Gerichhausen34.92
18Micael Svensson33.98
19Birgit Hoefer33.3
20Mato Kovac32.94
21Marie-Paule Geldhof31.96
22Alexander Doukas31.61
23Socrates Costicoglou24.1
3d of Greek Speed Championship, at last I am getting again confidence with my equipment, session run during 3 heats, first on on 4.6(too small...).
Hard conditions (but nice weather;) today have to get used to the spot not happy with my speeds today at all changed fins all the time the wind is also extremely gusty i think i'll rig bigger tomorrow and other settings i hope to get everything up and running for the event
First day ever for me on Devil´s bay.
Super gusty.
We only sailed in between the heats of the Greek Championships.
Most competitors we doing 250 runs between 27 up to 39 knots today. I don´t know my speeds on the cours compared to Chris Lockwood for instance as we didn´t sail the course during videotiming. I think still big room for improvement. My sail was was a little overdownhauld (on purpose), my fin was not perfectly fitted in the fin box and i don´t know my new boards.
An other 2 days to get this solved.
It will be a hard competition because you need to be lucky with the gusts all over the course and you need to have balls if we get the 50 knots of wind like they had the past 2 days. And i don´t want to crash and hurt my balls......
Day 3 and disaster stroke the team:-(

Poor Nikos dislocated his shoulder in a crash that did not seem  dangerous. Out of nowhere! Misses the rest of the Championship and  the World Cup as well. Also misses a chance to snatch the Greek title since it has been a real struggle to beat him this time. Courage Nikos I know it sucks but the future is yours. You only need to be a little patient. Relax and make the best of

As for the conditions it has been a real lottery with gusty conditions and short heats. It is a pain in the ..s to finish the run with 33 and the guy behind you makes the winning run at 39. Anyway, consistency paid of
My first two runs in karpathos. Less wind today by I need more confidence in my equipment and myself. 
3 heats in the event ... one day before the end!!!!
3rd day and Nikos is out due to a dislocated shoulder, everybody is wishing him quick recovery ... but the racing is over for him this year ... so sad.... the Greek team is suffering too much bad luck... Today it was less windy but tooooo gusty.... so for me with only 2 - 4 runs per heat it was just not possible to get a good run in

Day 3 of the greek open. 3 rounds today. Getting the 6.2 Evo really dialled in now. Less wind today. A bit hit and miss with the gusts as usual. Took out the first 2 rounds, but Magnus from Sweden pulled off a smoking 39 in the last run to take out the 3rd round. Guess he likes my fins :) Some of the guys for the worldcup turned up today. Jacques doing some fast runs in between the heats. Thanks for bringing my mast and booms!!!
gusty, again
Mega-Boen bis 50 kn Wind und Welle

Varate violitzides
Another windy day, beginning to like this place now.
Ingen ork.