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Results of the day
1Magnus Bengtsson39.71
2Jacques van der Hout39.61
3Peter Volwater39.58
4Ben van der Steen39.2
5Philip Adamidis39.19
6Dirk Jan Knol39.16
7Hans Kreisel39.07
8Patrick Van Hoof39.03
9Minos Efstathiadis38.51
10Koen Onderbeke37.43
11Anders Bjorkqvist37.37
12Erik Larsson36.84
13Chris Lockwood36.66
14Dieter Gerichhausen36.27
15Armin Hoefer35.98
16Dieter Gerichhausen35.1
17Micael Svensson34.94
18Daniel Borgelind34.71
19Anton J. Geesink34.09
20Tim Otte33.72
21Birgit Hoefer33.41
22Alexander Doukas32.65
23Marie-Paule Geldhof31.98
life time best 5x 10 sec ...........69,33 kmu

2sec .......73,8 kmu    second life time best

Last Day of Greek championship

Today I ve had my fair share on Devil's Bay lottery, with a super run for 6.6 sail 80 liters and 28 fin. Near 43 max on Gps and the second best speed on the display. The morning was terrible since I tried gloves to cover my riped hands and ended up with swollen muscles. The solution came finally on the last heat from instant glue. It did miracles!

Finally I took the Greek title but I really would have prefered to have Nikos giving me a hard time like he did on the first races before he hurt his shoulder. We were that close! 

I know the World Cup starts tomorrow and I can imagine how it is for you Nick since you have been waiting for this the whole year. It really sucks. But don't worry. There whould be many more chances to come
Last day of Greek Speed Championship, session recorded during heat 8, missed the last unit since I had to take the family to the airport... ;-))
nice training after the greek championship conditions were better today small board also works better today kept it safe with a big fin tommorow i am going to try small one
First time on the new board! Difficult conditions (at least for me) for this initial experience. 
Session ended with a big splash and broken boom, so there is definitely room and need for improvement. 
Tried a lot of different settings today. The wind was much more consistent than yesterday. First i had to sand my fin for one hour to make it almost fit. Today i bought at the local Praxis and gas station p40 and p80 sanding paper to finish it tomorrow.
The fastest run we made today was 102,99 km on the scooter with Hans on the back. Tomorrow we have to to beat that aswell.
How fast did Peter and Ben do on their scooter?
Last day of the Greek nationals. I put in 3 runs on the 7m without GPS just in case they ran 3 rounds today. Otherwise I was going to use up my two discards. I didnt get any gusts on those 3 runs so finished 5th. In the afternoon I thought it would be a good idea to tune up on the 7m since it was the first time I used this sail. I did a total of 4 runs. The fist 3 runs I used too small a fin and had no wind. On the last run I got a little gust and it all felt awesome. Resting the arms today. 5th fastest 10sec was going upwind. These sails are really fast upwind.
gusty, again

Letzter Tag Greek Championship Platz 10. Sieger ist Chris Lookwood aus Australien.
Na aankomst 's ochtends eerst  uitpakken en daarna even een uurtje  varen.
Last day at Greek Open Championship, I smiled the whole day, its sooo fun to race here!
Finished 6th in the international class. Some PBs!
Dag 1 .Ute på vattnet 2 tim efter planet landat.
byigt första seglingen effter vi landat sliten