Results of the day
1Thomas Doeblin45.01
2Manfred Merle43.26
3Patrick Oberlender42.01
4Christine Pihan31.52
Big Speed Day in Germany... more coming later
Wow, wat a speeds, respect guys! Congrats with the great results!!!
I think this was the day Thomas was waiting for for years.... I think you will have to wait some years to improve these results!
Fabelhaftig! Congrats guys....
Congrats, what a speed. Well done guys.

Hi guys,
Congratulations! Great you succeeded in your mission Thomas. It's again proof speedsurfing has changed and we are only just finding out the true potential we have. + 50 peak on a 6.2!!!
49.99 2 sec? Is nothing. Not even 50!!!
Makes me feel very humble... using the same sail but with different results.
Looks like all duck in a row. Amazing!
WOW! Congrats, awesome stuff!
Great results!

Good work, congrats!
WOOOOWWWWW, concratulations with the speeds, respect!!
I think i must visit Germany again soon hahaha....


Neue PR´s aller Fahrer !!!

und das bei immer noch nicht perfekten Bedinungen.....

Danke an Gun Sails und Wolfgang Lessacher ;-)

Glückwunsch Thomas und Manni zu den Top Zeiten!
Daniel welcome im over 40knots Club;-)

Excellent sailing well done, goes to prove all modern equipment brands are capable of top speeds.