Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel39.31
2Ben van der Steen39.25
3Dirk Jan Knol38.59
4Jacques van der Hout38.44
5Peter Volwater38.42
6Jurjen van der Noord38.23
7Erik Larsson37.29
8Anton J. Geesink35.19
9Daniel Borgelind34.5
liked the wind today and sailed on the edge only got a bit over excited and had a really hard crash and broke 3 battens luckely Ben v/d Steen could give me hand fixing it thanks mate. the 23fin works really well it's only a bit dangerous in these conditions . i hope i'm not to stiff tomorrow because everything hurts  
No 30 to 50 knots today!
As i was not happy with my speeds from yesterday and i wanted to change a lot of things to improve this. Put my footstraps for example totally to the front, this was a wrong decision, didn´t get the board loose anymore. In the beginning i thougt i didn´t had the right gusts aswell but the feeling was just not natural. Even put a different X9 mast in my sail but this was even worse than better.
At the end of the day if have the same settings than the end of yesterday. A lost day......and i sailed to much.
Tomorrow skippers meeting at 8 sharp.
It is close racing between all of us, i think we have a good group of dutch people here in Karpathos and we can go for the battle for the best speed country in the world.

Handmatig ingevuld.
Wat een bak de vlagen. 6.2 is upwind veel te groot. Downwind onder de kant vaak te weinig wind. Morgen start het evenement en wordt veel wind verwacht. 40 knopen met vlagen 50+
King of the Castle Hans.
well done!

good luck in the event!
Hans, succes tijdens the event. Verdedig onze Nederlandse eer. Jacques, Ben, Jurjen en alle andere Nederlanders onwijs veel succes. Zou mooi zijn als jullie om de podium plaatsen gaan strijden.
Vandaag wederom lekker gevaren en het gaat lekker.
Zonder problemen vaar je toch al snel met hoge snelheid.
Dag 2
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