Results of the day
1Farrel O Shea43.3
2Ian Richards41.31
3Neil Hardwick40.82
4Simon Hinkley40.5
5Mark Hayford38.46
6Johnny Walker38.22
7Mike Pacey37.68
8Paul Burgess36.5
9Peter Crook35.79
10Mark Bailey32.9
11Joash Knight27.15
12Rob Morgan24.62

At last, finally seen 40+ on the dial. Couldnt get down till 2.30pm so missed Simon H, so only managed to get 90 minutes of sailing. Gusty and horrible rolling chop/swell. But I cant moan as I managed to a few new PB's. Good to meet Ian R, who was hammering along. Thanks to Farrel for showing me how to water start in the footstraps, this will be good for when its nukin it.

Best speed day ever, so far:)
Go Faz..
Number one for the month, that's what we like to see, brits at the top!!
Hope you all get better conditions tomorrow.
Thanks for the forecast Howard
Nice to see some old faces and new ones its been 15 years since I had a go down the wall
The VX2 5.9 was ok and great in its day but I think it maybe time to get some new ones
The JP 69 was working well in the chop
Saw Farrel a good 12 inches clear off the water at one point damn chop
Hope you guy’s have a good one on Friday

40 next time ( take it to the limit and then some) keep an eye out for Erika

Got some nice pictures / video will post later

Got it in manually
Direction W should have been OK down the wall but there were swell waves along the middle section of the wall.  Seems to me that what ever they have done with the wall/digging the lake out has affected the flat water conditions.

awesome session bit choppy for WK PBs all over and another day tomorrow.
Certainly not the WK speed strip I remember prior to the wall re-build. Nasty chop and an increasing rolling swell running down the the length of the speed strip. For the last third of the course as I sailed over the rolling swell it felt like I was being rattled to death whilst sat on a roller coaster !

Having said that people have still being posting some decent times and I'm going back tomorrow for more so maybe its not as bad as we think !

Took me a while to settle in and relax but overall I'm pleased with my speeds and enjoyed the session.
Went up with Johnny Vapor and stayed the night. with the intention to wake up early to catch the best wind direction.

Instead we woke a little early (3am) as the van was being rocked all over the place.

Rigged the sails just after first light and vapor looked lit on his first run. The chop after 5 seconds was demanding to say the least.

My day ended when i catapaulted in the chop at 41.8 which ripped off both my boots, I hit my right forearm and bicep which is turning purple and green. Nice to have Farrel and Vapor as an audience though. I did a couple of somersaults which i cant seem to remember. Anyway my kit survived which was unusual considering my track record.

Great to see the locals gunning it down the wall and Ian Richards who was up and down the wall like a yoyo.

Alan Cross was up to his usual exploits by owning the wall whatever it threw at him. What makes this more special is he's doing kemo therapy. Strength through adversity is an understatement. Keep the faith mate.