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1Anne Schindler32.07
2Anne Schindler32.07

Stange day...

arrived quite early to get the high-tide and aviod the weekend crowd.

was already very windy and I rigged 5.0m. When I was finished rigging the wind had picked up so much but didn't want to change cause my time was limited and I decited to go- a real desaster, shifty wind, chop and gust up to 50 kt (not exaggerating)

decited to leave it got changed and wanted to inform the other windsurfer in the whatsapp group. that's why I checked again the conditions and saw that the wind suddenly calmed a bit to "suiteble" conditions when you have a 5.0m rigged at the beach.

I had 20 more minutes before I had to be home.

So great... suddenly 5.0 was perfect and for Arinaga was also quite flat.

When it's flat it's due to winddirection from North but this also means that it's super gusty.

Yes, was gusty but not as hell like it had been all the summer. I had so much fun but unfortunately only had 15 minutes left for sailing.

Hopefully tomorrow will be similar!