Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel47.5
2Vincent Valkenaers46.38
3Jacques van der Hout45.23

What a session! First of all want to thank the KNRM for picking me up at 3/4 of the swim because i had to swim back because i had a big crash breaking my mast and and ripping up my sail. This spot should be considerd very dangerous especially with these cold winds and waters.. Thanks Jacques for calling the KNRM and Vincent for checking on me halfway.

Super happy with the numbers the 5,8 NP EVO XII (RIP) was flying and super steady some big steps are made. To bad halfway the session i had to stop. Would have been nice to pump it up to 88km/h plus instead of just under. But it's defenetly a pb on 5,8 and maxing over 50knots

Stoked to lead the ranking for now!  

Big thanks to Neilpryde and JP-Australia to extend my contract for another year!!! SPEED FOREVER!!!!!!!


first session of the year not bad for the topspeed but there is work to do on the avg i was on the proto 5.4 but this whas to small to get high 10 sec run but good test enyway now i now what to do ;p 


thanks neilpryde and jp australia to help me also in 2021 to reach my goals. 

my arms where dead at the and i had al the lead from hans ho crashed hard but whe made it not a super safe spot forsure ;p 

First session after a long time. Looked like a beginner, took my JP Speed 45 including fin out of my van without realizing there was a port tack fin under it. My first run i made a big crash because of the wrong course fin, my forehead first on the ground and i went over it bending my neck,  really thought i broke my neck nose and all my bones in my face. But my body is now tested and head is strong enough;-). Wanted to go back to the car direct but after half an hour recovering and feeling and counting my bones in my face Hans gave me a Z fins S tack fin (thanks). My confidence was gone but i am happy i did some runs to get into it again. Had a motion gps with 85,1 avg and max speed 93,5 and GT-31 with these numbers. Strange there is such a hugh difference between the 2. Vincent is asking Julien to check the motion to see if those numbers are real. Session was ending when Hans made a crash and ripped his mast and sail, so we had to make sure we made it back in the cold water. After a very long time posting sessions without a story this one is pretty long;-).