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1Craig Spottiswood36.16
2Derryn Arthur33.81
3Tony Ford30.46

Got to 57kmh, averaging over 40kmh on nautical mile runs with Isonic94L, 5.7mKoncept and 25cm atomic weed eapon fin, nice to see old friends and make ore at Lake George SA My first video effort at Lake George, South Australia, letting the gopro app do it all, least adding 'muzac' for me and cutting out slo parts. Used 94l Isonic, KA5.7 Koncept and atomic 25cm weed weapon in 15to20kts of wind, maybe a few 25kt gusts, setup performed really well, as was a jibing day and not really imcluded here. The fastest run 57kmh peak was towards Five Mile is included about a third in, as a sailor on a starboard tack below me speeds back to Packers area at the bottom of the lake (SE). It was a good sailing day, getting a few more gybes in and a lot of fast runs averaging 40kmh plus for 15 or so "One nautical mile" speed runs. Lotsa people and old friends and new enjoying the "Golden Lake" today

Smashing some speed and foambergs out on the 100 wide Formula