Results of the day
1Damien Nico42.68
2Dennis De Pauw42.37
3Jurgen Verdurmen40.56
4Klaus Küppenbender39.76
5Wolfgang Lewang39.64
6Christophe Peyrouse38.93
7Patrick Depoorter38.38
8Nico Nouwen38.2
9Koen Onderbeke37.51
10Wouter Liedenbaum36.49
11Jean-marc Degrelle36.11
12Marie-Paule Geldhof35.32
13Andre Lancel33.88

too difficult for me this morning

One of the most difficult speedays ever (for me).
F*king choppy.

Still very happy with the results, especially happy with my 500m.


Nice to see a lot of speedies (Koen, MP, Dré, Patrick, Baldini, Sander, Wouter, Jurgen, Damien, Nico, JM, Heike, Wolfgang, Klaus,...)

not my day with all the chop.

Repost from gw60

Not the best session, but a nice training in choppy conditions.

Too early !?

Most challenging speed surf session I have ever sailed (apart from the once I managed to do not a single run)

In the morning very hard wind and much to broad, lots of high chop and rolling waves. Not a flat spot to find. The water was more like a patato field, some sandbanks. It was a day when it's hard only standing in the water holding your gear down. Only a few riders were trying. 

Still I managed to do 2 speedruns in some way controlled, in conditions I would have never tought I would be able to sail in. Decided to wait, for what turned out a few hours.

Later the wind became a little more square and some more riders started doing runs, still very rough. I also did some more, enough to give me a decent Avg.

During one run GW-60 was off, so the avg is slightly better on the GT-31.

On the other hand the GW-60 gave a topspeed of 78,73km/h and a 2s of 77,10km/h

It turned out to be my 3th fasted Avg ever.

So happy to sneak in two more days, thanks to my wife Martine, Ryanair and son Thomas, to bring her home.

Leaving the beach at 6pm sunday, arriving after the 1150Km drive at 6am monday, just in time to have breakfast home and go to work...


very difficult

wurst dai at La Franqui evver.

To bad results.

No confidens ??

Alpha ?????