Results of the day
1Rolf de Ruiter43.28
2Christian Arnold42.93
3Danny Verhaar42.33
4Klaus Küppenbender41.98
5Laurent Fesquet41.18
6Marco Lambers40.77
7Peter van Dijk40.08
8Johan Huitema39.89
9Laurent Paya39.48
10Raymond Wortel39.4
11Heidi Ulrich38.47
12Marco Smeele38.44

Again more trust, bit more tape on my ancle to keep it locked.

Day two:

First we get some sleep, so arrived at the beach in the end of the morning. To late again for the best conditions again. ;-)

After some runs, the wind was to broad, with a lot of chop. So time to see some F1. :-)  After the finish of F1, the wind was picking up, square and the water was flat. Not the best speeds for me, but did have a lot of fun.

Sessie 51: Not my day...! I'll be back..!


What a day!! Started around 09.30 and the wind was really good for half an hour. Made run 1, 2 and 4 in the morning, and run 3 and 5 much frustration later:p the conditions were all over the place, we've really seen it all today. No wind, lots of wind, dead square, ultra broad, flat, choppy and swelly. It was changing every 10 minutes so that made it a challenging day. When I finaly made 2 more good runs I was a really happy boy because I was at 80avg. I'm happy with the Pb on 500m and the small improvement on the 2sec. Today it was mostly only speedies on the strip, good crowd! hopefully tomorrow another good day:)

Still a lot to improve until i reach my PB here in france.

but was a wonderful training day

Very nice 1 hour in the morning with my PB 500m in open water.... :-)

Even if I missed the golden hour of the morning, this late afternoon session was superb thanks to a real tramontana and only speedriders on the water!

Nice day here in La Franqui!

Second day at the best spot for Surfing. We arrived a bit too late, Rolf already made som 80 runs!

After changing back to 5.5, the day was good. Incredible lot of wind, nice people and no kite surfers today at all. 

the W44 was again performing with the Gasoil 21.

quite some Dutchies this time. lot of fun with Raymond, Rolf and Johan