Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 42.56
2Andy Laufer42.54
3Brian Rogild41.41
4Ralf Ewers40.06
5Laurent Paya39.74
6Edwin Roestenburg39.71
7Tjerk Baan Hofman39.24
8Benjamin Verdin38.52
9Frank Vanderhaeghen34.8
10Virgil Conan34.47

Quick sail after arriving at 19:00

1st ride with my new speed gear in lightwinds. Feels soo easy and fast. Like freeriding. Perfect day to get used and trim all the stuff for tomorrow.

Arrived this morning and had a nice session today with good friends. Learning again this square spot, better  wind in the end.

100KM op speedboard. eerste keer board vin zeil