Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout42.69
2Nico Nouwen39.26
3Raymond Wortel39.21
4Klaus Küppenbender38.93
5Rolf de Ruiter38.83
6Marco Smeele36.55
7John Schilperoort33.38

Used the new x2w 23cm RHF, cant seem to add it...

Choppy session, waves and speed became better after 17.00

Bit overpowered with 5.7, choices....

After Digging a channel into the beach to let the water flow out

i was really tired when the wind came,but tommorow more

Long day but in the end we got what we like. the swell was pretty much gone and the wind picked up nicely. I did 77km/h with my 6.3 in the square conditions and then when 6,3 became to big I rigged 5.5 but the masttop snapped, Luckely my hero Raymond had a spare 5.2 for me to borrow, thanks mate! saved my day and i could go on with w44 and make 4 additional faster runs.