Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 44.44
2Nico Wierstra37.69
3Dylan de Jong37.51
4Oane Kingma34.97

Cold. Front strap plug broke in run=scary 

Short window with the right angle but anyway super fun and again amazed by the 5.0 how easy this sail is!! Spotrecord improved a little bit and thursday the highest 10 sec run ever sailed on a lake! 

nog guts nog glory, wat een wind vandaag. beter de missile xs genomen. wel weer genoten op het water. eerste post met de motion

It was a day for the big boys today... and I'm tapping out, haha! Conditions were very challenging and I didn't feel like killing myself, so I took it easy. Still heaps of fun though to be out in the howling winds. Also fixed my issue with the gear of last thursday!