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1John Skye32.87
2Anne Schindler29.77

Wind was too light for the material I brought but was super fun and enjoyed sailing soo much...

Has been a while 

Finally had a chance to try a couple of new speed fins, but the wind and conditions were terrible. Looked good for 6.2, but then dropped off completely and went gusty. Still just about managed to get out on the 50 wide speed board and the fins were amazing. The 28 is a standard SP/SL, which is what I had before and what I had all my spot records with. Then I tried the ASY 26cm and it was even better. So locked in over the chop and could just push it and feel confident. Had a run just under 36 which for the conditons was really good. Cant wait to use it with some proper wind, but looks like summer is over already and I might have to wait 6 months ??