1Farrel O Shea78,97
2Steve Flanagan74,1
3Martin Waldron71,85
4Guy Molyneux71,84
5John Kenny71,13
6Keith Gorman65,25
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Nice one Martin
Would have love to be there with u
Great day in Dungarvan, wind went West before sandbar was exposed which made the course quite choppy.  First proper session on Falcon Speed and was very impressed!! Really liking the new board
will done to all the lads who made run after run down the course over the chop from hell . I started off on my 86 isonic and after 3 runs jumped on to my 49ss but after a while i noticed that i was quicker on my 86 as it didn't did into the chop as much as my speed board so jumped back on it for the last few runs before the wind got to light but i have to say it i have gone faster in Dungarven on a square course ....... so what is the best direction for Dungarvan to work in ????

Course was surprisingly choppy and there were quite a few theories, flooded river, wind turned west before sandbar exposed, etc...

Bottom line - it didn't bother Farrell or Steve who were flying.

Loads of peaks over 42 knots and lots of disappointed sailors!

I felt I could've done with a lot more wind on this setup, I was totally out of power on the course.

Excuses excuses, no, just a hats off to those who were on similar gear and seemed able to power down the course.

Should have gone faster, spun out a couple of times.