Results of the day
1Derryn Arthur34.08
2Peter Warwick30.23
3Tony Ford28.33

Lake George, SA, AU

new old board from waricle 2013 243cm 56.5cm iSonic 80 l, with KA 5.8 Koncept, 20cm Atomic Nuclear

5-25 W WNW with squalls to 30 maybe, a few lulls then dropped to 5 so my 80 l board useless

after a half hour, missed a beaut squall dang it only half way to top of speed run as it came throug, othes got it I think, bloody good hit and first time in the rain on LG too, argh

wind hi and low, had to parachute back to cockies for nearly an hour as no gust to lift me onto the board, 6.6 was better choice end of day, ah well, new board nice to ride, slippery surface to be redone for bare feet, full control in highest gusts, fin and sail just good, what else can I say? better skills would help, but again 19 days on water outta 20.....

even got to try Ric's 133 and 6.2, carbon etc, v nice but heavy to me, at least a floater! got 22kts out of it

so not a bad or great day.
Doing it.