Results of the day
1Dennis Klaaijsen36.48
2Fabian Crombeen34.01
3Floris Wondergem33.14
4Nico Wierstra32.66
5Jordy Vonk32.13
6Lassince Samuel30.92
7Bjorn Dunkerbeck30.88
8Basile Wilhelem30.86
9Beuselinck Sam30.24
10Dean Hutchinson29.98
11Robert Baas28.99
12Michal Polak28.6
13Basile Wilhelem28.59
14Michal Polak28.54
15Garry Connell28.27
16Joris Buijs27.7
17Johan Bulthuis27.67
18Ted de Pagter26.74
19Sarah Jackson26.55
20Andrea Zanolini25.9
21Guillaume Locher25.86
22Alwin Visker24.92
23Maciej Bukolt24.34
24Jérôme Sicard24.1
25Dean Hutchinson24.09
26Johan Vente23.56
27Virgil Conan23.31
28Andy Hart23.02
29Ted de Pagter22.38
30Florian Seitz20.54
31Kirsten Baas19.76
32Garry Goodwin18.3
33Eric Beaulieu14.55
34Martin David Jerrard9.68

Earming up voor de defi


Defi race 1 abandoned after first run!

Warm-up lap eerste race.


What a race.... 6th! 

Solid but leaking endurance ?? lets push tomorrow again!! 

Defi Wind 2022 opening race with howling wind of 35+kts. Completed the course and finished 190th on my 1992 NP sail!

What a day! In the morning it looked like it was going to be a perfect day for 6.2, so I rigged that sail and went on the water with it, felt great.

Took off my wetsuit and relaxed untill the skippersmeeting. After the skippersmeeting the wind picked up, I knew 6.2 was going to be big, but had not enough time to rig smaller. I was probably the only one out of 1300 windsurfers who was on 6.2.

I managed to become 19 overall in the race!!! Not bad for my first defi ever;) could have been even better if I wouldn't be so stupid to go on 6.2

Defi Wind day 1.

The increase to 45 knots gusts was not anticipated when I choose this set. 

Good hard core heat with 60th place as result.

Floris scored an amazing 19th overall and that's not all.... he did it on his 6.2m2. 

Amazing result mate, ultimate respect.

After the heat I played around a bit between Gruissan and Port la Nouvelle on an empty stretch of water.

Two happy faces here in the camper

Eerste race van de Defi wind. Gefinished op mijn tandvlees. De 5.6 kon ik niet dichttrekken en ook nog controle houden.

Wat was dat zwaar, maar wel uitgevaren :-) Race 1 done!

Wat was dat zwaar, maar wel uitgevaren :-) Race 1 done!

1. Mal mit 4.5,


Race 1 DEFI Wind. Yesssss, I did it!!!