Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout40.31
2Christophe Peyrouse39.86
3Laurent Fesquet39.57
4Thomas Moldenhauer37.75
5Michaël Engel36.84
6Christian Hirschberg36.42
7Rainer Motloch34.03
8Andre de Jongh31.07

Again super square, sometimes you needed a port tack fin and you could make runs both sides. Wind died quickly so not even 5 runs.

Today I had a lot of fun with the slalom gear. Interesting wind direction, upwind it was sometimes faster than the usual downwind course. In some gusts a smaller sail / board would have been quite good...

Realy nice first surf session on La Palme. It was pretty gusty so I kept the speedboard in the van. I wanted to explore first this spot a bit further out of the beach to prefend accidents on the first day. Get a bit feeling with the wind and how it all works here. To gain higher speed I had to move away towards the chop, but it was nice chop with similar high peaks... Sometimes 6.2 was pretty havey and I had to work hard not flying up in the air. 

It was nice to meet jvdhout and some other good windsurfers. 
And also Andre the other Gouwzee local was presented! 

very noc efirst experience and the digits will come later hopefully when I have a good day on the speedboard..

The Wind went up and down all the time. A lot of nice people here today.

Black Tramontona. Super gusty and shifty, but mainly square. Gusts short. Super training with 7.1/62/32 - mega overpressure. 

Did one run with 6.2/45/Nolo21. A day for Slalomboard.

Nice company with Gunnar, Chistian, Rainer and others on the water.

Kwam te laat voor de goede wind en toen ik weg moest trok de wind nog ff aan. Wel lekker gevaren samen met Michael.