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Results of the day
1Joris Buijs29.64
2Floris Wondergem26.62
3Theo Haarsma26.36
4Dennis Klaaijsen26.02
5Fabian Crombeen25.56

It was nice sailing in the morning. The wind became less too soon. But didn't want to change to 9.0.  Been watching the races afterwards. The pro's on foil go really fast.

First day at the DAM-X event. Very light conditions, a lot of pumping. 

Four races done: 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st in the men (age 19-35) fin only division. 

Took the proto 8.6 straight out of the North market stand on the boardsport market in front of the main stage. Looks like it's working well...


Dam X first day

Currently in 3rd place in the men fleet (19-35 years) behind Floris and Thomas.

Ok I'm a good couple of year older but wanted to challenge myself against the upcomming talents.

1st  heat my first bullit in a long time. Felt sweet to finish first.

2nd 3rd and 4th heat were sailed in extremely low end conditions. The 8.2 is efficient but this weather window was super light. We all struggled to get on the plane or stay on it for around 50% of the race course. I even took of my 150 gram GPS device to shed the most amount of weight possible

total score 1st-8th-5th and 4th.

Normally racing would have been put on hold after the first heat but for this fun event we gave it all a try.

Good atmosphere and smiling faces in the sun.