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1Stephen Squirrell13.45

Wednesday 4th  October  – Windsurf * River Orwell at Levington  –  sunny periods.


Foil – 16.89 knot max, 13.45 knot ave, 1.96 knot hour, 8.38 knot mile, 12.06 km., 7.43 knot alpha.


Starboard Freeride 150 and a Evolution Freeride foil with a Tushingham Storm 6.5.


I only had a smll window to sail today as we had things arranged in the afternoon and with the wind offshore at Felixstowe I decided to mhead over to Levington to check it out despite it being low water. I arrived at the marina at 9.40 and things did not look very promising so I had a walk around the boats taking a few pics, I nearly went homethen but the breezedid pick up with gusts to 20 knots so I set up the foil and rigged 6.5 again. I launched by the marina entrance and sailed straight out of the channel in super flat water and saileddown to Felixstowe docks, flyingin patches but that was about it, I slowly sailed back and had some fun gybing around a couple of bouys in front of the marina waiting for a gust,I only got in the air briefly a couple of times so called it a day and headed for home to take an old friend to town in her wheelchair:) Could be having the Granddaughter tomorrow but then might get a sail on my 70th Birthday on Friday:)