1Paul Salomons64,28
2Luc Salomons59,67
3Otto de Jong55,38
4Tjitse Spitse54,17
5Stijn Feiertag53
6Klaus Kommer51,96
7Jan Hendrik de Bruin51,9
8Klaus Kommer47,67
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Nice and sunny, relaxed cruising in the Makkum Chop....
Expected not very much wind today. A and 8,6 and FF125 session . But luckily I brought my 7.0 with me. Would have been faster with the FF90 but nevertheless it was a nice short session on the FF125 with some good speeds on the Gaast side of Makkum. 
Short bumpie session
h2o projex SP87 Blade IV 6.3 SO7 33
Schöner Nachmittag viel Wind und Sonne .
morgen geht´s weiter hang loose

Heerlijke middag op makkum,lekker heen en weer kornwerd
7,0 loopt super nu!!

wat een TOP dag. halve wind nog nooit zo hard gegaan op makkum!
Great day at Makkum. In the morning I was lucky to catch some extreme gusts just before a thunder storm. I had some extremely overpowered runs. This only lasted about ten minutes so I only had a few good runs. The rest of the day I made runs of 56-57 km/h.
Also broke my alpha pr.