1Craig Hollins77,87
2Shelby Reilly77,66
3Andrew Daff76,81
4Jacques Kint73,48
5Brad McSwain72,57
6Nic MacCormac72,18
7Brett Denning68,78
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A busy Pit today,with the Eden crew,WA guys and two" wave sailors" from Geelong joining the regulars for a nice sunny days sailing. It took the wind a bit to fill in so started with some Alpha,s and a 1hr but after pulling a 39.8peak on the Sl 52 with a venom 30 it was time to go fast on some speed gear. A bit hit and miss for a while and lucked onto a good gust with Spotty. (Only a few kts slower) By the time the wind really filled in, the tide was on its was back in with it whoop d doos down the course. Starting to get overpowered so for the last few runs i ran 10kg in the weight jacket. Made a big difference in the chop and i must remember to use it more often. Alpha,s done on the Sl52,C3 30,Ka 5.8, Speed on Ca40,Ka/Loc 20,Ka 5.8

Extra fun day at the PiT with fun crew.

The wind was a bit of a mixed bag of tricks, coming from different angles at different strengths - kept it interesting..

An unusual day. I struggled all day to find the groove and get my setup right. Conditions kept changing which made it hard. I think I finally got it close to right at the end of the day but by then the tide was rushing in and I was stuffed. Maybe losing 5kg was not such a great idea after all. Undecided

Started trying for a 1 hr. Got to 35 mins and saw the squall coming. Abort, abort... get speed gear quick. Smile So much for the 1 hr. Didn't try for an Alpha and was pleasantly surprised with what I got during the aborted 1hr attempt.

Started on 2011 5m Koncept. Went to 4.4m for a few runs and then back to 5m. CA 40. KA 20 assy speed.

Great to see the other guys doing so well. At one stage I counted 25 boards around the speed course!