Results of the day
1Ben van der Steen43.74
2Jacques van der Hout43.59
3Hans Kreisel41.69
4Steve Thorp40.56
5Minos Efstathiadis37.84
6Claudio Fackelmann36.15
7Alex Fraysse36.12
a funky day at la franqui . the east wind totally broke the bank and there is not even a straight 500M , today was fun with going thru little channels and dodging sandbanks .
So it was safe to say it was not as good as it was . But had a fun day and a oke average . Was good to sail with Hans and Jacques , was a good team effort .
today was a lot better and sailable but very dangerous we decide to sail in a channel max 3m wide this was some sick kamikaze shit sandbars all over the place. Had 2 bad crashes and my 5,5 is ready for the dumpster. first one my ancle got hurt again so decided to make a few runs for a nice average but couldn't give enough fin pressure and didn't want to make my straps wider and i'm happy i didn't do it because the second crash with 41knots straight on the sandbank so now i'm a bit limp but now it's not broken.
don't think i can surf tomorrow
Today we decided to go again to La Franqui and check the beach from Port La Nouvelle up to La Franqui. We only needed a few hundred meters of straight beach to make 10 seconds runs. At least my Nautical Mile record is save now for the next few months;-)
We met the West Kirby boys Steve Thorp and Lance Newbery today and decided to check the course together. We found a crazy course near the famous wooded pier, looked like Luderitz, the entry between the beach and a sand bar, only a few meters with water, crazy.

You had to sail close to the beach (but not to close) not to hit all the sandbars downwind, Wouter and Hans made many movie films and photo's, thanks guys!

Later some German, Greek and French guys joined us aswell and i never saw so many people crashing. I even made managed to make a run over 83 on this mickey mouse course, crazy. 

Lets see what the wind will do tomorrow, probably it will be nucleair again.

So no records this weekend on La Franqui, this is sad, but we will not give up.
Leider keine besonders optimalen Bedingungen, der Strand ist durch den Sturm am Wochenanfang weggespült worden, dadurch viele Sandbänke im Kurs, die Seemeile war nicht möglich weil eine Sandzunge nach 1200 Metern den  Kurs blockiert hat.

Um in den Kurs einzufahren musste man in den Kanal etwa 3 Meter breit zwischen dem Ufer und einer Sandbank einfahren. Insgesamt eine ziemlich Harakiri Action.

Es sind sehr viele Leute nach Grundberührung gestürzt aber bis auf Materialbruch ist niemandem was passiert.

Es war unglaublich zu sehen was die Speedcracks Jaques van der Hout / Ben van der Steen / Hans Kreisel für unglaubliche Geschwindigkeiten bei solchen Bedingungen fahren.
Will add later.
An interesting weekend for sure! great to meet the Dutch crew, full respect!

Some more pics..

This was a more like a "mind game". We had to pass through a "path" between very shallow sandbanks and the beach. I cant count the catapults i saw that day (Hans managed to get the best one, by far). I had two but i was lucky enough to come up in one piece. A short fin and big balls were needed, as the dutch crew prooved. My max speed was recorded while i could see the sandbank coming to me like a ticket to a french hospital....I escaped that one  with a scratched fin and some strange dance (mallon o xoros tis tavlas...)