Results of the day
1Minos Efstathiadis30.16
2Nick Vardalachos29.88
3Babis Sakadaris27.67
4Babis Sakadaris27.67
5Michalis Simos27.62
6Stephanos Grapsas27.32
7Doxis Milidakis26.97
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alpha racing personal best...
my jibes are getting improved :) :)

distance personal best...!  52 nautical miles lets go for 60 next time!

50 miles as well from doxis and fanis!! omada!!!

Thanks to my friends GRE-291 and GRE-800 for the nice slalom training.Patras(Drepano ) is a great spot !!2011 season will be hot..
nice slalom session with Babis GRE-0!!, first training with the new EVO III, sail felt really great....can't wait to test the small ones on a speed course...:-))