Results of the day
1Jurie Van de Ven33.05
2Marco Bal32.46
3David Van der Veken30.92
4Dirk Hacha30.2
5Benjamin Verdin29.97
6Johan Lemmens29.53
7Raymond Wortel29.03
8Herman Maes28.02
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First day of Belgian speedweek in Gruissan.

Marin-wind, so we drove to La nautique for a choppy-workout on the water.


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Began with 6.8 but returned to the beach to get 6.2. I tried the 23 cm GPS 5 first but the chop was tricky so decided to switch to GPS 4  28cm and did my fastest speeds with it..

Nice session in the choppy conditions.

Wonderfull day at La Nautique. Wind, sun, and a bunch of friends. Great day of windsurfing!

Very nice day with the friends. In a summer wetsuit (3/2) with short sleeves. On a sudden moment saw that the top batten was very loose. Lost the internal hexabold and tightened the other battens. Every batten could be tightened 3-5 turns !!! After this, everything went alot smoother. Unfortenately the wind died quickly.

Hopefully tomorrow again !!

Manually upload. GT31 software update, date was wrong.