1Daniel Borgelind57,25
2Anders Bjorkqvist56,63
3Markus Emanuelsson56,53
4Ulf Breselius54
5Tobias Hed53,97
6Manfred Malcorps53,33
7Erik Larsson53,13
8Otto de Jong53,08
9Patrick Boyum52,61
10Roger van Tongeren51,77
11Johan Gelander51
12Thomas Althin50,82
13Lars Nilsson50,3
14Marcus Richardson48,63
15Maria Johansen47,59
16John Overmeer47,33
17Marlies Schepers40,12
18Jan Lagerstedt34,28
19Jorrick de Jong18,63
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Finally we got out on the water again. Today was the first day we could sail during the SWT Speedevent in Klagshamn.

European Championship Speed Tour heat 2. very warm day at Klagshamn, finally some wind!

European Championship Speed Tour - First competition ever. Gusty but a lot of fun.

European speed. Had some problems with the gear and had to use the smaller gears... Nice to be out on the water finally :)

European Speed Tour day 4


Finally we got wind enough to run a heat for the European Speed Tour and SWT in Klagshamn. Today the forecast was close to the reality so hopefully we'll get even more and better heats for tomorrow.

första dagen med vind i klagshamn ( sm , landskamp, europa cup)

Rematch NED-SWE.

An unknown spot is always scary. This time there were lots of sticks in the water for indicating the stones in the water. Respect to the Swedish doing here big speeds.....

Had trouble with planing but had 1 good run. Then we had to go home quickly for arriving 06:15 at home

At the last few hours of our amazing trip to Sweden we finally had some wind and we had two heats for the Swedish Speed Cup, European Tour and the Rematch.

The weather was fantastic, the company and atmosphere with speed friends from Sweden/Holland/Belgium/UK/Germany perfect and the roasted pig at the party was excellent :-).

The Cheese heads have done their best to defend the cup, but I think we lost it this year. Hopefully we can try to win it back next year...

I look forward to a bbq reunion with the Dutchies (Fam. de Jong, M&M and Speedkanon) at Makkum or BHH :-).

Hopefully some of my Swedish friends can (some already will) also come over to Holland to sail at BHH (so you do not have to check for sticks and stones ;-)) or any of the high speed spots!!

Although we did not have a lot of wind it was a great trip and we got a chance to also see the spot Habo Lung and do a tour of Malmö. I also have great memories of the 'kreperen' with cold shower and the BajaMaja :-).

För lite vind. planade inte genom banan

Wallens Speed Cup

Sailed 2 the rematch netherlands-zweden. was a pitty that we only took the small stuuf with us so rematch has been won by Zweden (congrats guy's)

should have brought my 7.9 KA RACE and AHD SL1 125 to make serious speeds.

i could hardly get on the plane.

First heat European Champinonship Speed Tour Klagshamn 

First day Rematch Sweden-Holland. (to-morrow the second and last day)

1th heat of the rematch in Sweden @ Klagshamn.

Gear way to small, couldn't bring any more boards so that was a shame.

Nevertheless I would have ended 5th in this heat of the european championships tour if I would have signed up for that.

Mocht weer even de set van Roger en Marlies gebruiken. er was weer geen wind.

maar ik heb lekker even kunnen varen. op een gegeven moment begon er wat wind te komen echter Roger en Marlies moesten weer terug naar Nederland waardoor ik het setje niet meer kon gebruiken. ik vond het erg gezellig en ik wil Roger en Marlies bedanken voor het gebruiken van hun spullen.

Dag 3 Wallens Speed Cup.